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4 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Be Your Own Lawyer

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Most of us don’t think about what makes a good lawyer or how to find a good one until the day comes that we have legal troubles. In these instances, some people think that they would be better served telling their own story and representing themselves. After all, who has your best interests at heart more than you? The truth is that being your own lawyer is incredibly risky, and here are four things for you to consider before you take that risk.

you need a lawyer to help you with your legal troubles

1.  You will be held accountable. When you act as your own lawyer, you are held to the same legal standards as an attorney who has studied for years on their subject. If you fail to file an important document or miss a deadline, you are the one who will be held responsible.

2.  You might not get the best results. Even if you know for sure you are looking out for your best interests, you still may not get the best results when acting as your own attorney. Lawyers are educated and practiced in different legal matters and can help get you the best results using their experience and knowledge.

3.  Could cost you more. A drawn-out legal battle is expensive, and acting as your own lawyer will most always take longer to settle the situation. Combined with fines or fees and you might end up paying more to represent yourself.

4.  Lack of expertise. Lawyers train and study the law for years, and you’ll be missing out on valuable insights without one.

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