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Domestic Violence Charges Defense In Charlotte NC

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We work diligently to get you acquitted of domestic violence charges.

If you are facing allegations of domestic violence, it can come as a complete shock when you are being wrongly accused. At GPS Law Group, our firm began with a single attorney in 1992 and has grown to a diverse team on staff to handle a wide variety of legal matters, including representing clients that have been accused of domestic violence. We take the time to go over the specifics of your case to ascertain which defense strategy can afford the best chance of success, depending on what has actually occurred. There are five potential defenses that could apply to your case.

1.   Self-Defense- If you were not the initial aggressor and acted strictly to defend yourself or your children against an imminent threat, it is likely that the courts will not rule against you.

Domestic Violence in Charlotte, North Carolina

2.   Consensual- While it doesn’t occur often, there are couples that take part in deliberate physical altercations for personal pleasure. If this was the case, we can use the fact that they consented voluntarily to the act to defend you.

3.   Intentional False Allegations- During a separation or divorce with child custody involved, some individuals will take it upon themselves to make false allegations intentionally to discredit the other parent. The key to defending you in this instance is looking for inconsistencies in their story and carefully reviewing witness accounts and police records.

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4.   Wrong Suspect- If you are being accused for domestic violence and you have an alibi that shows you are not the perpetrator, that is a solid defense. Situations such as the intoxication of the victim that led to an inaccurate identification can result in this type of defendable case. Even without a reliable alibi, we can work to establish your innocence in these situations.

5.   Burden of Proof- For your charges for domestic violence to stand, the prosecutor must meet the requisite burden of proof. Our defense will entail poking holes in their arguments so that they find it difficult, if not impossible, to convict you.

The key is to not delay in seeking legal representation if you have been charged with domestic violence in Charlotte, North Carolina. The sooner we get on your case, the better. Call today to schedule a consultation.

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