DUI Defense, Charlotte, NC

Let us assist you with DUI defense to minimize the effects of a DUI charge.

At GPS Law Group, one of the misdemeanor offenses we defend is a DUI charge. Whether it is your first or you are looking at more severe fines and potential jail time because it is a subsequent charge within the lookback period, we will work diligently on your case to minimize the impact to your life.

DUI Defense in Charlotte, North Carolina

One of the things we caution our clients about is trying to handle a DUI defense on their own. If you went through the process in the past, you may believe you are equipped to handle this new charge. The reality is that there have been many traffic law and other criminal law changes in the past few years. Our firm keeps a watchful eye on new laws and how they affect the success of DUI defense cases.

Doing the wrong thing can make the difference between jail time and receiving a limited driving privilege, so it is prudent to work with a DUI defense professional for any DUI charge you receive when driving the highways of Charlotte, North Carolina. We can help you receive a limited driving privilege. A limited driving privilege is a judgment issued in the discretion of a court for good cause shown authorizing a person with a revoked driver’s license to drive for essential purposes.  With the potential outcomes of increased insurance rates, cancelled insurance, loss of employment, loss of driving privileges, jail and more to consider, it is our hope that you’ll contact us to handle your DUI defense.

Our attorneys have nearly 60 years of combined experience and stand ready to help you find your way to restoring your life after a DUI charge. Contact us today to schedule a consultation to discuss your case and come up with a DUI defense that is tailored to your specific situation.