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Commercial real estate may sound confusing, but it is a booming industry that requires the expertise of a professional. A commercial real estate transaction is almost impossible to predict. You can find yourself in a sticky situation without a lawyer’s guidance. Whether you are interested in leasing space, selling or buying, funding a project, or purchasing from a developer, there are a few top reasons to hire a commercial real estate attorney to assist you in understanding the industry.

Landlords and tenants need the services of a commercial real estate attorney to avoid costly mistakes and complex legal disputes. Commercial real estate attorneys offer landlords a solution for a wide range of issues, from drafting lease agreements to negotiating contracts with potential tenants. Find out why it’s important to have a commercial real estate attorney on your side to help you navigate the many challenges of commercial real estate!

5 Reasons You Should Hire a Real Estate Lawyer

  1. Protection of Interest:A lawyer is always there to protect your interests and make sure that the deal goes through smoothly and you don’t end up losing money. Buying or selling a property is one of the most complicated deals and hiring a real estate lawyer for this task is necessary. A lawyer will help you prevent any fraud. They will handle everything, from drafting contracts to preparing you for closing costs and legal fees.
  2. Skilled Negotiators:As part of their job, they negotiate with sellers, buyers, banks, builders, and other real estate agents. Therefore, they know what both sides of a negotiation want and need. Knowing this can prevent you from making costly mistakes and disputes later.
  3. Saves Time:It may be challenging to devote time to studying all the legal aspects of buying and selling a property when you own a business. With a commercial real estate attorney on your side, you can expect the work to be done diligently without having to worry about the facts. Instead of wasting time on contracts, the business owner can focus on their business.
  4. Prepare for Potential Issues: Your attorney will provide you with solid advice for any issues that may arise during the purchase. For example, if your real estate agent recommends you sign a specific contract or lease; your attorney can examine it from a legal standpoint to ensure that all terms are fair. This way, you can feel confident that you’re protected.
  5. Conducting Title Search: A real estate attorney is important for any real estate transaction, especially when ensuring no liens on the property or if the title search reveals some other issue. A title search is a way of verifying no unresolved claims against the property involved in a sale. It also acts as evidence of ownership and may reveal any unpaid taxes or outstanding mortgages against the property, which would need to be resolved before the transaction can go ahead.

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