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Common Speeding Ticket Defenses in North Carolina

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In the United States, speeding tickets are a relatively common occurrence. Most people already know that a ticket is an unnecessary expense when they exceed a state’s posted speed limit, but many people cannot use the correct defense when they face one.

The penalties for speeding include fines, suspension of your license, points on your license, jail time, and a criminal record. If you’ve received a speeding ticket, the only way to avoid paying fines is to fight it. You can use several legal defenses when fighting a speeding ticket in court. Depending on the circumstances of your traffic violation, you may have a defense.


When speeding could save your life, can you be held accountable for doing so? Speeding tickets are issued when a driver violates the speed limit in an area deemed unsafe to do so. Speeding in cases of dire need, such as in response to a health or safety concern, is not prohibited in these situations.

Lack of Signage

Law enforcement is supposed to enforce the posted speed limit when you are on the road. This is an infraction for which they can ticket you if you go over the posted speed limit. If the prosecution cannot show a posted speed limit, your speeding ticket may be dismissed.

GPD Reading

Using your GPS, you may prove that you were traveling at a slower rate of speed than they accused you of. For this defense to work, it is important to prove that your GPS is accurate, and your vehicle’s speed is on a GPS report.

Speedometer Calibration

Many people claim they were driving at the posted speed limit, only to find out their speed was lower or higher because of faulty calibration. Before paying the fine, check to see if your speedometer is malfunctioning. If it turns out the calibration is off, you may avoid paying a large fine.

Inaccurate Radar Gun

Radar guns are designed to give accurate readings when measuring speed. However, you may defend your speeding ticket in court with the help of an expert witness who will testify that the radar gun was inaccurate.

Not the Driver

Most times, the officer can correctly identify the driver based on the surrounding circumstances. However, in rare cases, circumstances may cause the officer to mistake you for the driver. If you think it is impossible to say you were not the vehicle driver, think again. It is possible so long as you can provide credible evidence on who was driving at the time of the incident.

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