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Divorce 101: Essentials You Need to Know Before You File

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The dissolvement of a relationship is never easy. Even couples that separate amicably will still have some struggles along the way when going through a divorce. If you and your partner are considering a divorce, there are a few things you will need to educate yourself on before you file.

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  • First, make sure that you are ready for this step. Many couples argue and make mistakes, but that doesn’t always mean the marriage is beyond saving. A divorce decision shouldn’t be made in the middle of an argument, but should be carefully considered.
  • Second, divorce can take months or years to be made legal depending on the circumstances. Every state has different laws regarding divorce, so be sure to look at and be familiar with the laws in the state you will be divorcing in.
  • Third, getting on the same page as much as possible before talking to a lawyer can save time and effort. If there are children, do you know how you will work out child custody? What about finances and savings? How about the separation of property? Many of these things are hot-button topics for couples and will require mediation or legal counsel, but do your best to gather information for these topics before meeting with lawyers.
  • Fourth, take care of your emotional as well as legal needs. Getting a divorce is a hard and emotional time. Be sure that you are getting the proper emotional support and counseling that you and/or your children require to help you through this time.
  • Finally, seek out legal counsel that you can trust. To learn more about the divorce process and proceedings, please seek out a knowledgeable attorney at our firm, GPS Law Group.