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Fighting a North Carolina DUI Charge

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DUI charges stand as a bad name because you could end up with bad records, restricted mobility, etc. It would help if you had an experienced lawyer to defend your cases of DUI so that you can break out free.

Challenges to a DUI charge

You can use many potential defenses to wave off a DUI charge, such as Arresting officers failing to follow correct procedures, a breach of the defendant’s constitutional rights, establishing that testing equipment used as evidence was not functioning properly, or even bad weather. Experienced DUI attorneys and former prosecutors are among the attorneys at GPS Law Group understand DUI defenses and how prosecutors may choose to show a defendant’s guilt.

Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol

In many states, a blood alcohol content of 0.08 percent is required for a DUI arrest. For an average guy, this equates to three to four drinks in one hour or two to three drinks for a woman. If you’ve been pulled over for drunk driving, you should speak with a DUI lawyer straight away.

Driving Under the Influence of Drugs

If you have used a legal or illegal drug with or without a prescription that has impaired your driving, you may be prosecuted for DUI or DWI. The penalties are usually like those for driving while intoxicated. Experienced DUI/DWI attorneys may be able to get your case dropped, or your sentence reduced if you are charged with driving under the influence of drugs.

Where do DUI Attorneys Come in?

Attorneys who specialize in defending DUI cases are known as drunk driving defense lawyers. They are familiar with the various issues involved and may help you get charges withdrawn or reduced. When your freedom is on the line, don’t try to defend yourself; get a DUI defense attorney right now.

The Best DUI Defenses

  1. The suspect was not given the right to contact his attorney during the DUI investigation. Everybody has the right to contact their attorney before or after any investigation. That’s just how it works. So, denying the suspect of that right can be a good DUI defense for the attorney. Denial of this right can cause the DUI charge to be dismissed.
  1. A breath alcohol test is false. Breath tests are usually called breathalyzers, and it checks the particles of alcohol that have been deposited in the lung and the blood alcohol in your blood. Many factors can alter the readings of a blood test, and the attorney can use that to their benefit.
  2. Illegal halt of vehicle or suspect. An officer must have a good reason to pull over a driver. It must be either because the driver has broken a traffic law or any law of the country. And the person cannot be held back until there is a confirmation that a violation has occurred. An attorney can also file a Motion for Suppression since there was no legal justification for the traffic halt.

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