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In Addition to Drug Charges You Can Get a DWI

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We have all seen scenarios on television where someone is about to get caught with drug possession and runs off, hops in a car, and drives off to avoid drug charges. For those who are under the influence from the drug of choice, be it marijuana or something else, the reality is they have just added to their drug charges if apprehended because in North Carolina, and most other states, a DWI refers to driving while impaired and that goes for more than alcohol.

In Addition to Drug Charges, You Can Get a DWI

If you are a regular marijuana user, you should know that you are at a higher risk of getting a DWI because testing shows the drug in your system far beyond the time your driving might be impaired. This means you can get a DWI based on a compelled blood test even though you aren’t actually impaired. This type of situation is definitely something you would want to consult an attorney for to handle your case, whether or not there were any related drug charges made.

One of the things to know is that there isn’t a level that indicates impairment in a blood test, such as the .08% number used for blood alcohol concentration (BAC). Receiving a DWI, therefore, focuses more on the officer’s suspicion based on their observations. If they do notice what they believe is an impairment, they can require a blood test be taken, and just as is the case with testing for alcohol levels, you will have your license revoked for a year if you do not oblige.

If you have been arrested on drug charges or a drug-involved DWI in the Charlotte, North Carolina area, call us at GPS Law Group. We will be happy to discuss the best way to handle your case to help you navigate through the criminal law process.