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Thinking About Divorce? 9 Tips to Prepare According to a Divorce Attorney

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No one gets married thinking they will eventually need help from a divorce attorney to end their marriage, but this unexpected scenario is the reality for many couples today. If you are thinking about divorce, at GPS Law Group, we are prepared to help you through this difficult time with empathy and compassion. As you begin to initiate the divorce process, here are our top tips for preparing, so things go as smoothly as possible.

Thinking About Divorce? 9 Tips to Prepare, According to a Divorce Attorney

1.  Deal with your emotions—Divorce is undoubtedly an extremely emotional process. During the divorce process, you need to keep your emotions in check, so find ways to adequately process your feelings before, during, and after your divorce.

2.  Get organized—A small mountain of financial information – from W-2 forms to credit card statements – is needed to properly move through the divorce process. Gather and organize this information early on to save time and stress later.

3.  Seek support—You need people to support you as you move through the divorce process. Do not be afraid to seek help, whether from close friends, family, or even a therapist who can help you work through emotional and psychological issues.

need help from a divorce attorney

4.  Stay safe on social media—Be careful about what you post on social media, even before divorce proceedings begin. Anything you post could potentially be used against you during proceedings.

5.  Understand your finances—Did your spouse mostly handle the financial side of your marriage? Spend some time going over your finances to understand what to expect in the future.

6.  Make a financial plan—Understanding your finances is one step towards preparing for divorce, and making a financial plan is step two. Before your divorce is finalized, assess your income and expenses to determine how you will move forward, especially if you will be running a household on a single income.

need help from a divorce attorney

7.  Think about supporting your kids—Preparing for divorce also involves thinking about how you will help your kids through this time.

8.  Remember the bigger picture—While divorce can be a frustrating endeavor, keep in mind that this process will not last forever and stay focused on larger goals.

9. Put together a team of professionals—Your divorce attorney, financial professional, and other professionals will prove invaluable during the divorce process.