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Understanding North Carolina DUI Defense Strategies

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It is pretty much common knowledge that North Carolina is one of the strictest states in the country regarding driving under the influence (DUI). While that makes DUI defense strategies a narrow playing field, it doesn’t rule out the possibility of achieving a favorable outcome. With both administrative and criminal penalties that have hard minimums built into the traffic laws, the best DUI defense is to find cause to get the case dismissed.

Understanding North Carolina DUI Defense Strategies

A DUI defense attorney will focus on whether any of your rights were violated during the DUI arrest. If the arresting officer did not follow the specific protocols outlined by law, this can often be used to get the case dismissed. When you have a consultation with a DUI defense attorney, they will ask you important questions that you should answer honestly if you are to have the best chance of getting the DUI charges dropped.

It is not the court or the officer’s job to let you know that you have a viable DUI defense. In fact, if they know there was a mistake made, they are not required to disclose it. For example, if the officer knows they didn’t actually witness you driving the vehicle or didn’t administer the proper field sobriety testing to you, these are key facts that you’ll need to present in your DUI defense. Some defense tactics are provable, but others are not, so your best bet is to put your case in the hands of an experienced attorney.

At GPS Law Group, our attorneys have 58 years of combined experience. We will work diligently on your case to get you the best possible outcome. Since you cannot get an expungement on a DUI, it is important to do our best to get the case dismissed instead. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and we’ll discuss the merits of your case and whether there is DUI defense that can help your situation.