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What Areas of Law Does a Family Law Attorney Handle?

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Just as you wouldn’t go to a chiropractor for open heart surgery, you need to select an attorney based on the branches of law that they specialize in. Family law is one of the most common branches and encompasses a wide range of cases and concerns. Many people think that family law attorneys only handle child custody and divorce cases, but there are other things they are qualified to assist you with. Here are a few of the areas of law that you can go to a family law attorney for:

  • Divorce- Even in the most amicable situations, divorce is time consuming and emotional. It is always best to have a family law attorney involved so that your interests are considered for proper property distribution, child custody, and other issues. Prior to a finalized divorce, your attorney can assist you with a separation agreement to protect your interests during the interim.

What Areas of Law Does a Family Law Attorney Handle?

  • Child Custody- Again, emotions can run high when facing child custody issues. An attorney can help you wade through the contentious aspects to get to an agreement that is best for all parties concerned, especially the children. Child custody isn’t always part of a divorce. It can also be between two unmarried parents. In addition to child custody, visitation must be negotiated and settled. These issues can also spring up months or years later when one or both parties seeks a modification to the original agreement.
  • Child and Spousal Support- One aspect of divorce and child custody is determining how the financial needs and responsibilities of those involved are met. This can also be a contentious aspect even in the most amicable cases. Modifications down the road can also be handled by a family law attorney.
  • Adoptions- If you are adopting a child or infant, it is important that you have a family law attorney involved to safeguard against misunderstandings and mistakes.

These are just a few of the cases that family law covers and that we can assist you with here at GPS Law Group in Charlotte, North Carolina. We have more than 25 years of legal experience and offer a wide variety of legal services, including credit repair, estate law, real estate law, personal injury law, and family law. Contact us today to discuss your case.