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What Questions Should I Ask a Child Custody Lawyer?

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With a child custody case, making decisions that benefit your child is important to keep in mind. Going through a divorce is an endeavor of itself and when there are children involved, tensions can run high between parties. Hiring the right child custody lawyer for your case is important to guarantee your children as well as you are taken care of through these legal proceedings.

If you are looking for a child custody lawyer, the attorneys of GPS Law Group have your child’s best interest in mind from the start. Our experienced lawyers will explain the whole process and guide you while protecting your rights as a parent.

Questions To Ask Your Attorney

Preparing for your consultation with a child custody lawyer can feel daunting at first. You want what is best for your child. Child custody agreements are a way to guarantee your rights as a parent. Even if your relationship with the other parent is amicable now, any disagreements that could arise would be settled through the child custody agreement. In North Carolina, GPS Law Group will help you understand all your options to best fit your child’s needs. Here are some important questions to ask during your consultation.

  • What is your expertise with child custody proceedings?
  • How do these proceedings work?
  • What are my options regarding custody/visitation?
  • How will a child custody agreement protect my child?
  • What fees should I expect?
  • Are payment plans available?

You need to feel comfortable discussing all concerns and expectations with your child custody lawyer. The right lawyer will understand your situation and be able to provide you with reasonable options to best protect your child and your rights as a parent.

When To Contact Your Lawyer

In North Carolina, failing to adhere to the terms of a child custody agreement can lead to serious consequences. Violating a child custody agreement includes withholding visitation rights even when one parent fails to make their child support payments. Unlawfully withholding a child from their parent is deemed harmful to the wellbeing of said child.

At GPS Law Group, we can schedule a consultation to learn more about your options and what to expect during your child custody case. Coming prepared with the right information and documents will help your lawyer become more familiar with your case. The attorneys at GPS Law Firm will treat your case with the care and compassion your child deserves during this difficult transition to get you the best possible outcome for you and your children.

If you would like to discuss your child custody case with an experienced lawyer, call GPS Law Group at (704) 549-1950 to schedule a consultation.

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