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You May Need to Hire a Family Law Attorney

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It is common for families to have disagreements over various issues, from financial matters to child custody. Family law attorney deals with issues that affect families, such as the separation of spouses, child custody, and parental divorce. Even though most people don’t realize it, family law has a profound effect on everyday life.

A person may hire a family law attorney if they need their services. Sometimes, hiring someone who is always available to assist you in family matters may be the best option.

Creating Wills and Estate Plans

It is important to plan for your family before you die. When you meet with your family lawyer to discuss estate planning, they’ll guide you through creating a will, making sure your family receives what’s rightfully theirs after you’re gone. Your family lawyer can also help you create an estate plan that involves trusts and other legal documents, giving your family members the tools, they need to claim their inheritances at an appropriate time.

Without a valid will, probate court judges will have the power to decide how your assets are distributed, and that decision may be different from what you would have chosen if you were still alive. To avoid this, we recommend that you and your spouse (if applicable) create wills and estate plans and change them periodically. Our attorneys can help you with these tasks and more. Let us help you create a comprehensive plan for your future.

Family Issues

Divorce: Divorce or dissolution of a civil union where children are involved. Children’s custody, child support, visitation, and property division can all be contested during a divorce. It’s imperative that you hire a trusted divorce lawyer who is familiar with contested divorces.

Domestic Violence: A person is accused of committing a violent crime against a family member or household member. When your partner has mistreated you, you can turn to an attorney for help in maintaining your family’s safety.

Adoption: An adoption matter including a private adoption or stepparent adoption. Adoption can be a complex process. If you are considering adoption, contact our office for help. Our Family Law Team can help you through the entire adoption process.

Investing in Domestic Partnerships and Civil Unions

What is a Domestic Partnership? Many states have a domestic partnership or civil union option available to gay and lesbian couples. The rights granted under a domestic partnership are like those of a married couple. Many state laws also grant domestic partners some rights related to medical decisions and end-of-life arrangements.

Filing Important Documents

Getting a divorce can be confusing, and it involves a lot of paperwork. Therefore, you need a family lawyer to make sure that everything goes smoothly. The lawyer can prepare all the paperwork for you.

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