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What Questions Should I Ask a Drug Charge Defense Lawyer?

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When facing a drug charge, the best thing you can do is to find the right defense attorney to guide you through this complicated process. While no trustworthy attorney will guarantee you a particular verdict, the lawyers at GPS Law Group will treat you with compassion while navigating the legal waters to guarantee the best possible outcome for your circumstances.

Hiring a drug charge defense attorney provides you with the knowledgeable professional your case requires. Coming prepared with questions to ask will help your case in the long run. This list of questions will help you prepare for your consultation.

Learn About Your Lawyer

Once you choose a potential lawyer, you need to be confident in their ability to help you with your case. Essential questions to ask include:

  • How long have you been a practicing defense attorney?
  • Do you specialize in drug charge defense cases?
  • What percent of your workload is similar cases?
  • Did you have special training regarding drug charge defense?
  • How many of these cases go to trial/get a plea deal?
  • What strategy is the best defense for my case?
  • What should I expect during this process?

The lawyer you hire should be experienced in drug charge defense cases which will provide you with more detailed guidance to improve the chances you will receive a lesser penalty or charge.

Paying Your Lawyer

A public defender may not have experience with drug charge defense cases, therefore not be well equipped to handle your legal proceedings. You should always be prepared to know the costs of hiring a private drug charge defense attorney to defend your case. Questions to ask regarding cost include:

  • Will you be doing my caseload?
  • What are your rates? Hourly/single fee?
  • Are any additional charges covered by this rate?
  • Do you offer payment plans/accept credit cards?

This is crucial while selecting an attorney. An honest lawyer will ease your mind by providing a detailed quote of expected costs.

Potential Outcomes

Though it’s unethical to promise any particular outcome, your attorney should give you realistic outcomes for your unique case. Therefore, ask your lawyer the following questions:

  • Should I take a plea deal?
  • What could affect a potential trial or plea deal?
  • Are there any alternative charges that can be found?
  • Do previous charges affect the expected outcome of my trial or plea deal?

During your consultation, the more details you provide about your case the more accurate the lawyer can be about your expected outcomes.

If you would like to discuss your drug defense charge with an experienced lawyer, call GPS Law Group at (704) 549-1950 to schedule a consultation.

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